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Organic Ocean cosmetics made in EU

Organic Ocean cosmetics is an innovative brand that combines the most advanced active ingredients from marine origin in certified organic products.

In the depth of the ocean, a variety of algae (seaweeds) and other sea plants grow in extreme environmental conditions, such as UV exposure, temperatures, nutrition, osmotic pressure and pressure changes, various biotic stresses and dryness at low tide.

The algae that live in these abnormal conditions developed unique protection mechanisms in order to survive. These  qualities can be applied into anti-aging treatments when extracts of the algae and sea plants are incorporated into advanced skin care products.

Researchers discovered a long time ago that both skin and algae cell membranes have isolation analogies in their function. As a result, the algae can be used to protect, nourish and heal human skin. 


Organic Ocean Bio-Marine is a certified organic line based on Gene-Cosmetics, that is, skin care products that offer extraordinary anti-aging effect by targeting and improving the performance of skin cells. 

The line is based on Ephemer, an extract of a rare and precious brown algae. Ephemer protects mitochondrial DNA (“the genes of Eve”), which are the energy source of the cells. Ephemer helps mitochondrial DNA to produce energy in stressed conditions and to release fewer free radicals, that are bad for the health and appearance of the skin. This is an important antioxidant property that lasts for weeks! Clinical tests have demonstrated that Ephemer increases its antioxidant effect by 15% verses placebo. 

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